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Trade In Tips to Get More Money

Are you debating whether or not to trade in your car? If you want to buy a newer vehicle, there are several dealers willing to take your current vehicle off of your hands, but you must be ready to do negotiations if you want to get the biggest offer. The minute that you step on the lot, you need to keep in mind that the dealer’s goal is to buy your car for the lowest possible price. After they purchase your vehicle, they will sell the vehicle on the lot, sell the vehicle to a broker, or sell the vehicle at auction. If they offer a low trade in value, they will make money. Here are car trade-in tips so that you can get the most money to apply towards your vehicle purchase:

Know the Value

You cannot expect to get retail price when you trade in a car, but knowing the high-end and low-end retail values can help. Look up retail values online, get several quotes, and this will give you more bargaining room when you are seriously ready to do business.

Make Sure Your Car Looks Good

Curb appeal is important when you are selling a home, and appearance is just as important when you are trading in a vehicle. Do not drive to the lot in a car that is dirty. Have your car washed, waxed, and remove all of your personal belongings. The dealer will have the impression that the car has been taken care of.

Bring in Maintenance Records

If you have been meticulous with your vehicle’s maintenance, bank on it. Bring in proof you have done all of the preventative maintenance. Also bring in large invoices showing major repairs you have paid for in the past. This could get you more money.

Choose the Right Season

If you have a sports car, you should trade the vehicle in during warm seasons. If you have a truck, choose a season when gas prices are low. Demand plays a huge role in how much you will receive for a trade in.

Never negotiate the price of a new car and trade in value at the same time. When you negotiate each transaction separately, you are much more likely to get the best deal. Be stern, do not budge, reach a deal before you surrender your key and you can show the dealer you mean business.

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