Race Seats

Aftermarket Race Seats for Your Ride

You’ve worked hard to trick your car out with the coolest features. There’s a reason people buy affordable sports cars, so they can upgrade them! So you’ve installed the custom computer chip that delivers the extra horsepower you crave. You’ve added the custom clutch to help you deliver that power right to the tires. Your car is a certified hell raising machine loaded with all the best aftermarket car parts.

So, why does it not quite feel like the perfect racing machine you’ve worked so hard to build?

In the racing world, it’s a fact that a driver cannot be successful if he’s not comfortable. If you want to feel like a winning race car driver, you need to sit like a race car driver. You need to install some quality race seats in your ride. Racing seats provide comfort and stability to keep your mind trained on the road, instead of worrying about how you feel. If you’re focused on keeping your body in one place, it reduces your presence of mind while you drive. Racing seats also provide additional support for your head, back and neck. These seats provide added safety and security while you drive.

Some states require that aftermarket seats be professionally installed. Before installing your new race seats, make sure you are conforming to the requirements of your state. If your state requires inspection, ask an inspection station professional whether or not your racing seats will pass inspection. This is always an important consideration whenever you install new aftermarket car parts in any vehicle you intend to keep street legal.

Race seats cover a whole range of options. At the low end, you have what are essentially “race-inspired” seats. These are seats that look cool, but they would not pass pre-race inspection if you actually took a vehicle with them installed to a track. At the high-end, you have fully equipped seats with a racing harness. These seats would easily be allowed to race, but are unlikely to be considered street legal by the police.

Racing seats vary in snugness. A race-inspired seat will not fit very closely. Some custom harnesses will fit so snug they can only be used by one driver. And, frankly, that driver had better watch his weight!

Racing seats are a cool addition to your car. It’s important to know what you’re buying. You need to know what purpose they will serve. With a little effort, you’ll find the perfect seats for you.

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