Online Selling

The Pros and Cons of Selling a Car Online

When you have a car for sale, you have a lot of advertising options. You can post a sign on your car and wait for someone to call, pay for an advertisement in the back of your local newspaper or sell your car online. Whether you are selling your tried and true commuter car or a sports car under 100k, the online automotive marketplace is a powerful tool to help sell your car. While selling a car online gives you access to the maximum amount of potential buyers, there are pros and cons for using this method.


Selling a car online has a number of advantages. A sign on your car will only be seen by the people you drive past. Of those people, most of them will not have time to write down your phone number. Newspapers are rapidly losing subscribers and the costs to advertise has not decreased. By selling online, you can post your ad where thousands of car buyers can view it at their leisure. This is the best option if you need to sell your car quickly.

When you post an online car advertisement, you can, and are encouraged to, post one or more photos of your car. If you have made improvements to your vehicle, you can showcase them in the photos. A liberal amount of space is given for a description of your car. This is where you highlight the benefits of buying your vehicle. If you have recently replaced any parts, purchased new tires or meticulously adhered to the recommended maintenance schedule, let your potential buyers know. Don’t forget to list the current mileage and any defects such as dents or scratches.


You have two basic options when you sell online. One is an auction site where bidders decide how much your vehicle is worth. Auctions can be expensive for the seller, though, so be sure to check the fees before you list your vehicle. The other option is an online classified ad site. These sites are usually free but because there are so many listings, you will have to renew your listing every day to keep it at the top of the list. Before you determine your asking price on a classified site, expect potential buyers to haggle. When selling a car or anything else on a classified ad site, you may want to list your asking price a bit higher than the least amount you will accept to allow buyers to talk you down to a lower price.

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