Impress the Buyer

How to Impress a Potential Car Buyer

When selling a used car, people inevitably want to get as much money as they can out of the transaction. Fortunately, a seller can get top dollar for his or her vehicle when they can impress the car buyer. People today can make good a good profit from completing a classic car restoration. Now maybe you don’t need to go that far when looking to sell your used auto, however you should follow these five simple tips to sell your car for top dollar.


To make the automobile shine, one should apply a coat of wax. Luckily, an owner can get the necessary supplies for less than $20 at a local store. The great thing about giving the vehicle a quick wax is that it does not take a long time; the average person can wax his or her car in an afternoon.

Fix Small Broken Items

When a car has small broken accessories, the value will drop drastically. A smart seller should determine what needs fixing on his or her vehicle. Then, the owner can use the Internet to search for replacement parts. To save more money, a person can go to a local junkyard to buy replacement parts. A person who is not mechanically inclined should have no trouble finding instructions online on how to replace the parts of the automobile. Remember, when fixing small broken items, a buyer will get the most money for his or her car


With a vacuum and a few cleaning supplies, one can get their vehicle looking new again. Since most buyers will inspect the interior of the car, a seller should take a few minutes to clean the inside thoroughly.

Quick tune up

When giving the vehicle a tune up, a motorist can improve the look and feel of his or her car. At a minimum, one should change the oil and filter. To take it further, one should check the wiper blades, rotate the tires and change the air filter. When taking these steps, a seller can impress people who want a car that will not need any maintenance for a while.


Most sellers neglect to shine their tires. This is a huge mistake since shiny wheels will impress most buyers. To get that shiny look, one must buy a shining product from a local auto parts store, and then apply it to the wheels. This simple investment will help a seller get more money from the transaction.

A seller who follows these steps will get top-dollar for his or her vehicle.

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