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Consider More Than Price When Comparing Car Quotes

One of the most effective ways to find a competitively price auto insurance policy is to compare car quotes from several different companies. With all of the brokerages, agencies, and online comparison websites that exist, finding the lowest rates for insurance has never been easier. While low-priced auto insurance may be your goal, it is important to realize that not all insurance companies are created equal. In fact, choosing the wrong insurance company could create serious problems if you ever need to file a claim. This is why you should start by comparing insurance companies before you start comparing car quotes. Here are 3 factors you should keep in mind when choosing an insurance company:

Financial Stability Should be a Top Priority

Auto insurance providers are required by law to keep money in a reserves account to cover potential claims that will be filed throughout the year. In order to fund this reserves account, the insurance company must collect adequate premiums for the risk it takes on. If you are receiving a car insurance quote that is substantially lower than all of the other car quotes you have received, you should check how financially stable the insurer is. Financial records are public record, and consumer rating bureaus like AM Best actually give all insurance companies letter grades. By referencing this information, you can guarantee that you buy a policy through a company that will be able to pay your claim.

Customer Service and Contact Methods

When you buy insurance, you are paying for a service that you hope to never use. You should take time to choose a company that makes customer satisfaction and convenience a priority. You can check unbiased reviews online, and see if there are several complaints filed against the company. It is also wise to see how the company can be reached and when live representatives are available.

Claims Processing Procedures

If you have ever filed a car insurance claim, you know how upsetting it can be. You need to be sure that the company offers easy claims filing procedures, and that the company is dedicated to processing and paying claims quickly. The last thing you want to do is buy coverage from a company with a reputation for stalling.

Price may be the ultimate determining factor to consider when comparing car quotes, but before you assume the cheapest policy is best, do some investigating. When you do your homework, you can choose a competitive policy that will actually offer the protection you need.

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