Car Windshields

Questions to Ask before Replacing Broken Car Windshields

There is a good chance that you will have to replace a broken windshield at one point or another in your lifetime. While auto glass is very strong and durable, it is not impenetrable and can break if it is hit just right. If you have a broken windshield, it is important to choose the right auto glass company offering the highest quality windshield repairs. Selecting the wrong type of auto glass can be hazardous and may lead to several broken windshields throughout the period you own your car. Before you enlist an auto glass company to replace your windshield, you should make sure to ask all of the important questions.

Does the Company Use Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass?

Low-quality glass can affect the structural integrity of your car, leading to structural problems and chips. You should only do business with a company that uses OEM glass. This glass passes strict safety tests and meets all of the standards set by the manufacturer. If a glass company does not use OEM, choose a company that does.

Does the Company Use OEM Adhesive?

Just like the quality of glass is important, the quality of the adhesive used is important. Low-quality adhesives will not preform like OEM adhesives. These glues take longer to dry, can leak, and wear in extreme weather conditions. OEM adhesives are approved by manufacturers and have been tested for safety and durability. Avoid companies who cut corners with cheaper adhesives.

Is There a Warranty?

Any reputable auto glass company will offer a warranty on both the products they sell and the work that they do. The better companies will offer a warranty that is good for at least a year, and some even offer warranties for life.

Are the Technicians Certified and Trained?

Avoid doing business with a company that does not take time to train their installers or have them certified. Auto glass installation and fixing a car with a broken windshield is far from an easy job, and the technicians you have working on your car need training to do the job right.

Do not take your car to the first auto glass company you see online. Before you schedule your appointment, make sure you ask these 4 questions. Once you find a reputable company, you will have peace of mind in knowing your broken windshield will be fixed the right way.

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