Compare Leases

How to Compare Leases and Choose the Right One
Car leasing may be a better option than buying for the right person, but you must take the time to compare several different lease contracts before you jump into one. Contracts are very wordy and intimidating, but they will not be intimidating if you learn what to look for in the contract. Here are 4 different factors you should consider when you are reviewing a lease contract to ensure that you choose an offer that is worth your time. A residual value is what the lessor predicts the car will be worth when the lease period is up. Lower residual values represent cars that do not hold their value and depreciate quickly. Higher residual values are preferred by banks that finance a lease contract, and […]

Car Leasing Prices

What Dictates Car Leasing Prices?
If you plan on leasing a vehicle, you should understand what factors can play a role in how much you will pay each month on your lease. While every dealer charges their own rate for a lease, more car lease contracts contain the same fees and charges. By taking time to understand details on each of the charges, you will be able to understand why car leasing prices can vary from dealer to dealer. Here is a breakdown of what you will pay for when you are signing a lease: The first step to drawing up a lease contract is settling on a final negotiated price. This price is the MSRP of the vehicle you are leasing, minus any discounts and down payments you have […]

Leasing Tips

New Car Leasing Tips
Leasing is becoming more and more appealing to car and truck buyers as prices continue to rise, and vehicles become more and more complex. Smaller down payments and lower monthly installments are the main draw of a lease, but the ability to change cars more frequently also has an appeal. Technology and innovation in the car market is moving at such a pace that many people no longer want to own a vehicle for more than a few years. Leasing leads to lower payments for a consumer because they are not financing the whole car, but rather the amount of the car’s value that they will be using up. The way this is done is by using a residual or buy-back figure that represents what […]

Body Kits

The Pros and Cons of Adding a Car Body Kit
Adding a body kit to a car is a bold step, and one that will draw a fair share of attention. For many, a car is more than merely a way of getting from A to B; it’s an expression of style. For them a car is a personal statement that they make to the world. At one time, this type of individualism would have required either great bodywork and paint skills, or deep pockets. The introduction of car body kits has changed all of that. Now a custom car can be put together using off the shelf parts and the price of automotive individuality is within the reach of most drivers. Body kits are available for a wide variety of cars, and in styles […]

Race Seats

Aftermarket Race Seats for Your Ride
You’ve worked hard to trick your car out with the coolest features. There’s a reason people buy affordable sports cars, so they can upgrade them! So you’ve installed the custom computer chip that delivers the extra horsepower you crave. You’ve added the custom clutch to help you deliver that power right to the tires. Your car is a certified hell raising machine loaded with all the best aftermarket car parts. So, why does it not quite feel like the perfect racing machine you’ve worked so hard to build? In the racing world, it’s a fact that a driver cannot be successful if he’s not comfortable. If you want to feel like a winning race car driver, you need to sit like a race car driver. […]

Interior Accessories

The Advantage of Buying Interior Accessories
When people buy new cars, they often want to personalize their vehicles. Personalizing a vehicle can involve buying interior car accessories. Many different car items can be considered accessories for cars. As such, people usually have a number of options when it comes to purchasing these personal effects. Including car accessories in their car’s interiors can allow people to enjoy their new vehicles and provide more comfort for passengers. Most people start off their personalization by taking their own comfort into mind. They often want to spare their backs and behinds from getting sore while they are driving. Thus, these individuals may invest in wool seat covers or ergonomic covers made from rolling wooden beads. These covers cushion people’s backside and lower backs and prevent […]

Exterior Accessories

The Functional and Aesthetic Benefits of Exterior Auto Accessories
When looking for top exterior accessories for your car or top pickup truck accessories, there are many to choose from. Some accessories will enhance the appearance of your vehicle, and others help to improve the functionality of your vehicle. There are a few main types of exterior accessories, and regardless of what accessories you choose, they’ll likely have a positive impact on your vehicle. Another exterior accessory that many consumers have purchased is a license plate frame. The purpose of a frame for a license plate is to offer protection from small rocks and harsh weather. Since it can be quite expensive to replace license plates, it’s cheaper to simply protect them with frames. Many consumers view license plate frames as jewelry for their vehicles. […]

Aftermarket Parts

A Comparison of Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM Parts
When you are comparing auto repair shops, a very important factor to consider involves the types of auto parts the repair shop uses. Some auto repair shops use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, others choose to use aftermarket parts. There are drawbacks and benefits to each type of part, and understanding these pros and cons is important before you schedule any type of component replacement. Here is a brief comparison of aftermarket car parts and OEM car parts so that you can decide which is best for your vehicle. OEM car parts are parts that manufactured or approved by manufacturers. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are components that do not originate from the manufacturer. What many people do not know is that about 8 in […]

Used Car Sales

Safe, Effective Used Car Sales
In many ways, this is a sobering time for the global economy. Throughout the world, millions of workers continually struggle to stretch their limited incomes. With the bursting of the artificial consumer credit bubble, people have learned to appreciate used cars and other budget products. Consumers who buy used are far better able to live within their means. As long as they carefully plan and consider their purchases, used car buyers can travel with confidence and safety especially if they buy a used luxury vehicle. Even families with above-average incomes buy used cars to introduce breathing room into their budgets. Anyone who conducts basic research will learn that used vehicles offer many advantages over new models. Lightly used vehicles in any class have most of […]

Car Auctions

Tips on Finding Reliable Cars at Car Auctions
The idea of buying a car at a steep discount appeals to many, and this is why car auctions are becoming increasingly popular. With more and more consumers looking to buy cars for cheap, interest at auctions is on the rise and so is the competition. There are plenty are perfectly good commuters cars at car auctions, but when you buy a car at an auction you must accept the risks before you venture into the auction pit. Here are valuable auction tips to increase your chances of buying a reliable car: If you want to buy a vehicle with a known history, you chances are much greater at a government auction. Generally, police departments will sell their retired cruisers at a county auction. The […]
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