2016 SUVs

The Innovation Revolution of the 2016 SUVs

There are three words that set the tone for the new 2016 SUV models: innovation, intuitive, and interactive. Automotive engineers with each brand have enhanced every category for SUVs. Safety, power-trains, and interiors are the biggest beneficiaries, although there is something for the entire vehicle. Here is a look at the most intriguing new features available on the market.


Autonomous driving systems abound in the new 2016 SUVs with assist technologies that facilitate the driver’s ability to park, change lanes, and stop in a variety of scenarios. Popular examples that are standard features include brake assist and rear view cameras. More cutting-edge braking comes with regenerative brakes that absorb the force of hard stops without impacting the ride. Compare this newfangled technology with the ABS system that was the forerunner.

BLIS and Cross Traffic Alert keep drivers in their lane if objects are closer than they appear. Airbags have also been revolutionized with overhead, knee, and thorax locations. They are even capable of releasing in stages to mitigate their impact on occupants. The latest bells and whistles for seat belts are pre-tensors and mini-inflatable airbags that add more security to passengers during a crash.


Fuel efficiency has been the biggest catalyst for change in the power-trains of new 2016 SUV models. This includes Active Fuel Management systems that automatically regulate gas between a four and eight cylinder driving mode. Hybrids are an extension to this innovation with some using total electricity with the performance and agility of it non-electric counterparts.

New features that are available in crossovers include turbo engines and direct fuel injection. Suspensions are designed with Tiptronic Dynamic Shift Programs that move transmissions from sports to economy mode effortlessly. Gone are the days of just six and eight speed transmissions with the advent of seven and nine speed configurations.


Creature comfort overload is the theme for new 2016 SUVs with intuitive seating, interactive steering wheels, and consoles that do more than communicate. Bluetooth has graduated to include voice activated dictation with 4G lite Wi-Fi connections and wireless charging stations. Touch screen monitors are new features that come standard in a variety of sizes and styles with access to monitor performance.

Ergonomic seats recline or fold flat with the third row standard in large SUVs. Power, heated, and memory are more features of seats and steering wheels. Panoramic sunroofs come with solar glass and blinds to protect occupants from harmful UV rays.

Drivers that compare the current generation of new 2016 SUV models to those of the past will be thoroughly impressed. There are more categories to choose from including the crossover, compact, mid-sized, full-sized, and luxury class. These options speak to the changing consumer demand and the automotive industries ability to deliver and exceed expectations.

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