2016 Ford Trucks

The Future in the Outdoors and Rough Terrain is Ford

The new 2016 ford models are built to tame and control the ruggedness of the outdoors. The new 2016 ford trucks are very popular due to their styling and powerful capabilities. One of the new features they released in their 2016 truck lineup is a military grade aluminum body. As a leader in automotive innovation, Ford recognizes the high strength, low weight, and corrosion resistant traits of aluminum and created the industry first aluminum alloy body. The use of aluminum allows for weight control, faster acceleration and a greater power to weight ratio while maintaining frugality.

The F-150 is still the best selling truck in America. The 2016 F-150 received many new updates and became the lightest and most fuel-efficient truck in its class. It’s a well-balanced truck, designed for maximum efficiency in all terrains. As the ultimate work truck, the F-150 features:

  • Military-grade aluminum alloy body
  • Impressive torque
  • Fuel economy
  • Hefty payload capacity
  • 4 engine types
  • Overall quality interior and exterior features

The lighter weight framework assists with fuel mileage and redistributes power to increase effectiveness. The traditional high strength frame remains at the heart of America’s favorite truck- the F-150. This company is all about making the job easier and that has never been more so than with the 2016 lineup.

When you compare the Super Duty line up to the F-150, you see the similarity in craftsmanship but each model is designed to tackle the demands of those harder jobs. Every configuration specializes in producing the necessary hauling and towing requirements per class. This company focuses on enhanced performance and control through integrated technologies:

  • A manually activated exhaust braking system
  • 6-speed transmission
  • 2 high-performance engine options: either gasoline or diesel configurations
  • Different cab and truck bed sizes

The requirements of a truck vary on the toughness of the job. To best meet the demands, this company has improved towing and hauling abilities in their whole F-series lineup. The second generation Power Stroke diesel is turbocharged and enhanced to increase power, torque and fuel economy. The 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel produces 440 horsepower and 860 foot pounds of torque.

The 2016 family of premium vehicles combine style, rugged engineering, and superior equipment. When you compare the King Ranch trucks to the Platinum edition trucks, you see style and sophisticated engineering in the King Ranch versus the luxury and convenience found in the Platinum.

All 2016 trucks will have improved options packages, the most additions have been made available to the F-150. The new Sync3 infotainment system is poised to replace the My Ford Touch and features a larger screen.

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